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CO2 equivalent in trees sequestered per year

Transformative Energy Solutions

We are the clean energy and decarbonization experts

Our customers may not know exactly what their contribution to the energy revolution will be, but we stand ready to help them make a difference.

We aim to provide education, knowledge and support to organizations seeking lasting financial value by transforming the way that they consume energy.

Vergent challenges the energy status quo by doing transformative projects for businesses and institutions too often overlooked as tomorrow’s energy disruptors.

Our team will work with you to answer questions you have throughout the process.

This includes:

Clean and green cogeneration systems

World class systems designed to meet your environmental, energy savings, and resiliency goals

With projects that span the Upper Midwest, New England and Eastern Canada, our team works closely with customers on the unique challenges that our customers are facing in these regions to electrify and meet net-zero goals.



Converting a variety of fuels into electricity and utilizing waste heat to create more energy efficient systems


kW of generation capacity

Using a modular, building block approach for maximum flexibility and system uptime

Our Commitment

Vergent is a business built on relationships, not transactions

We stand behind what we do because our solutions are reliable, effective, and efficient, no matter what’s on trend in energy. When we work with our customers, we believe working in partnership accomplishes the best results.

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How We Work

Our energy experts deploy innovative technical solutions customized to our customers’ unique energy, business, and climate needs.

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    We take pride in delivering world-class energy solutions for our customers, and providing the best possible service.