Remote Monitoring

Each customized Vergent control system allows you to monitor and control your energy system from anywhere, anytime. Our control systems also allow for multiple staff from your team to have access to the same critical data that we do – ensuring your facility receives the best possible service.


At Vergent, we monitor your microturbine system data so that we can quickly respond to any concerns before they become more serious. Rather than allowing small issues to go unnoticed and worsen over time, remote monitoring systems allow us to react to power generation problems immediately, either via computer controls or by dispatching a technician.

Our remote monitoring controllers were conceptualized, developed and qualified by teams trained by Capstone. This custom equipment was developed to improve on-site controls and integrate more effectively with end-use customer facilities.

Microgrid Controls taken to the next level

Vergent's remote monitoring system control center and allows operators and technicians to monitor, remotely troubleshoot, and correct turbine issues 24/7. Once implemented, a remote monitoring system increases the system’s availability, reliability, and operating performance. A web portal is available for customers to view in real time their system’s energy savings and performance. Historical information is also saved for record keeping and can be exported on demand.

How It Works

Our remote operations teams monitor and oversee microturbine system infrastructure to ensure the safe and reliable supply of energy at your site. Working in collaboration with your team, Vergent prepares a remote monitoring plan that facilitates prompt response and immediate alerts of any problems with the equipment. This can also include regular diagnostic updates, and notification of planned and/or unplanned maintenance needs.

Why Us

Since Vergent’s founding ten years ago, our team has helped hundreds of customers install some of the cleanest and greenest energy generation systems. The proof is in the projects, so judge us by our successful track record.  

Key Benefits

Our PLC controllers collect data created by your microturbine system, which can be studied for opportunities for potential improvements. Data can also be stored to assist your business with obtaining and verifying utility incentives.
Power generation systems run more efficiently when controlled by a PLC-controller which alerts our technicians the moment an interruption takes place. Breakdowns, utility interruptions and other issues can be sensed within seconds and brought to the attention of our remote monitoring team for immediate action.
With remote monitoring services, our service technicians are actively reviewing your data to help prevent an interruption event, ensuring that your operations stay online.
With our remote monitoring solution, your team can integrate microturbine activity into your building automation systems. By integrating power generation data into a single view, your team can gain greater visibility across the business while also streamlining decision-making.