The Building Energy Saver

Looking for energy savings?  Vergent can help you uncover them inside your own building.  Let’s work together to make you an energy hero.


According to the U.S. Department of Energy, “Combined heat and power (CHP) – sometimes referred to as cogeneration – provides a cost-effective, near-term opportunity to improve our nation’s energy, environmental, and economic future. CHP is an efficient and clean approach to generating on-site electric power and useful thermal energy from a single fuel source.”

Most organizations aren’t aware of the massive energy savings available inside their facilities.  Vergent’s mission is to change that and unlock the value of this untapped potential for businesses and communities.

Every building is unique. Every organization is unique. That’s why we dig deeply into your
operations and priorities in order to formulate the best solution.

Tell us your goals so we can innovate together. Contact us today to sustainably energize your building.

How it Works

Let's challenge the energy status quo

Most organizations are energy consumers, susceptible to utility rate increases and power outages. You know that depending on a sole supplier for any product or service, including energy, is a risky endeavor. The smart play is to hedge your energy supply by generating your own clean power for a lower price. Our process starts with an energy assessment of your facility. By taking that first step, you are on your way to greater energy independence.
Why Us

We provide powerful energy solutions to help you grow and manage your energy

Since Vergent's founding ten years ago, our team has helped hundreds of customers install some of the cleanest and greenest energy generation systems. The proof is in the projects, so judge us by our successful track record.  

Faster Paybacks Than Ever

New tax credits, depreciation, and utility incentives can be leveraged to drastically shorten project paybacks

Backup Power with a Payback

Vergent can design a Dual Mode CHP system that provides critical backup power but also constant energy savings

Maximize Your Assets

Our energy specialists will assess your facility and propose energy solution options that meed your needs


An energy audit will contain a comprehensive and accurate assessment of the potential energy/carbon reductions along with details of the specific measures or technology required for implementation.

This can include exploring larger projects such as:
- Installing a microturbine system
- Purchasing RNG as a portion of your natural gas needs
- Energy storage
- Load shifting
- Replacing old and inefficient boilers or other HVAC equipment
If you consume electricity and thermal energy, you will benefit from an energy saving solution. Vergent has done projects at apartment buildings, communities, hospitals, hotels, greenhouses, military installations, educational facilities, data centers... The list goes on and on.
Load shifting occurs when a building redistributes electric kW demand to “off peak” hours when grid energy is considerably less expensive.
As grid electricity rates continue to rise, Vergent has seen its DER solutions provide better ROI than ever before. However, we want to fully understand your building's energy profile in order to present a savings plan to you with confidence.
Check out our many case studies of successful projects.