Thermal Recovery

Using microturbines for thermal recovery not only improves energy efficiency but also reduces the overall energy consumption and carbon footprint of an operation. The unique design of microturbine technology allows customers to recover thermal energy that would otherwise be wasted in power generation from a single heat source – the exhaust of the turbine. Exhaust heat can be captured and re-used for heating, cooling, substantially increasing the efficiency of a system.

Heat Recovery

Heat Recovery maximizes the value of power generation systems.

Thermal energy can be just as valuable as electricity in our applications. When we perform an economic analysis, we examine your current gas and electrical consumption to show you where the utility and energy savings are.

Waste heat is useful in a variety of applications. Industrial processes can inject exhaust heat for drying processes, healthcare facilities can recover exhaust heat to produce steam, condominiums and hotels can use heat for free cooling in the summertime.

Vergent will work with you to ensure you extract the maximum value to benefit your operations.

In some cases, thermal energy generated by microturbines can help avoid replacement or extend the life of existing HVAC equipment.

Combined Heating and Power

During the process of generating electricity, waste heat from the exhaust is recovered to generate hot water for process or space heating applications. The simplest thermal load to supply is hot water. Retrofits to the existing hot water supply are relatively straightforward. Hot water load tends to be less seasonally dependent than space heating, and therefore, more coincident to the electric load in the building.

Combined Cooling, Heating and Power

Combined Cooling, Heat and Power (CCHP) refers to the process of using waste heat produced by a microturbine system to power an absorption chiller or a direct fired chiller, to generate chilled water for applications such as air conditioning or refrigeration, in addition to electricity and heat production. Using microturbines for CCHP provides numerous benefits to a facility, saving on utility costs, reducing emissions, and reducing overall energy consumption when compared with a traditional separate heat and power system.

Heat Recovery Steam Generation

In steam applications, thermal energy from microturbine exhaust can be common ducted together and recovered to produce steam. Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG) can be used to generate either low or high pressure steam and duct burners or steam boilers can be added on for additional high efficient capacity, often offsetting the use of existing gas-fired boilers.

Direct Exhaust

An alternative use for waste heat is the direct integration of the exhaust from the microturbine. High temperature, surplus oxygen and low water content from the exhaust gas enables a facility to use the heat at an industrial scale. The oxygen concentration in the engine exhaust is high, allowing the exhaust to be potentially used in direct heating or as an air pre-heater for downstream burners. This oxygen rich exhaust together with low emissions and air bearings (which allow the turbine to operate without oil lubrication) make the direct exhaust suitable even for certain applications in food processing and green houses.
Working alongside your team, we size the system to ensure that you benefit from both electricity and thermal energy generation, year-round.
We can work alongside your contractors for design or find contractors to support you once the microturbines are delivered. This stage includes application engineering from our experienced specialists in-house, who have over 40+ years of combined experience installing CHP systems.
Our team of trained and Capstone-certified technicians are available to provide you with ongoing service, or support for your own facilities staff, when needed. This includes services such as remote monitoring, to ensure that your systems are operating, as expected, every time.

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