Vergent stands for change

Meaningful change of the energy industry that will grow business opportunities in the economy while making significant progress towards decarbonization. 

Our Story

Powerful solutions to help you manage and grow your energy

Vergent was founded in 2014 by energy industry veterans and has grown to an operating fleet of over 200 energy systems throughout North America. 

We are a full-service distributor for Capstone Green Energy offering products, parts and service for the Midwest, New England and Eastern Canada.  Our developers, engineers, technicians, and support staff work from our locations in Minneapolis, Boston and Toronto. 

With the deepening of global energy challenges and the climate crisis – and the emergence of clean energy technologies – Vergent has evolved beyond its initial focus as a Capstone distributor to focus more broadly on decarbonization and clean energy solutions that address the total energy needs of our customers. 

CO2 equivalent in trees sequestered per year
Our Mission

Vergent challenges the energy status quo

We believe that large sectors of the economy are underserved by utilities with the energy solutions that can deliver them the most value.  Our mission is to get small and medium-sized organizations involved in shaping their own clean energy futures with options that are designed for their unique needs.

For many organizations in North America, energy is a mystery. The options are dictated to us by central utilities, politicians, and large conglomerates. Energy technological innovation is at an all-time high, but utility companies are using decarbonization as a pretext for greater control over consumer choice. Most organizations are forced to choose from a limited menu of energy choices not suited to their individual interests or goals.

Our Offerings

Custom solutions for every application

We provide proven yet innovative technologies such as Combined Heat and Power, Renewables, Microgrids, and Clean Fuels to radically transform your energy future and enable energy independence that meets your economic and climate goals for decades to come.
*Green area represents Capstone Green Energy exclusive territory
Vergent has preferential access to Renewable Natural Gas produced from a multitude of biogenic sources including landfill gas, wastewater treatment gas, food and green waste and agricultural waste.
Our electrical and mechanical engineering team provides application engineering support to design each project for maximum operational benefit.
We work with reliable and experienced installation partners to build the project on schedule.
Vergent's engineers will perform startup and commissioning of the energy plant.
We offer LTSA’s for up to twenty years to keep the plant running for the life of the project.
Vergent can deliver the entire project and finance the asset using an Energy Service Agreement, Rental or Lease Agreement, or Power Purchase Agreement.
How We Work

Our energy experts deploy innovative technical solutions customized to our customers’ unique energy, business, and climate needs.

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