Application Engineering and Design

Our team of engineers can work with you to size and design CHP equipment, incorporate heat recovery equipment for hot water, steam and chilled water heat recovery, and integrate the CHP system into your facility’s HVAC and electrical systems. 


Our team has worked with customers across multiple industries to create solutions that fit the needs, constraints, and goals of a particular application or project. We also have experience designing, building and installing custom control packages based on the needs of a project.

We have relationships with third party suppliers of hot water and steam generation equipment and absorption chillers that we leverage to design the most efficient total system for the customer.

Vergent teams with highly qualified EPC firms to deliver a turnkey project to the customer. The EPC scope can include the entire project from pre-design through to plant commissioning. Vergent selects the appropriate EPC partners for each job.

Standardized technical documents for every need

Technical documentation is a vital aspect of developing cogeneration systems, helping stakeholders, contractors and suppliers understand their role in project development. When working with Vergent, you will benefit from access to Capstone's comprehensive library of technical documents.

How It Works

By providing these comprehensive application engineering and design services, our team aims to deliver energy solutions that are customized, efficient, reliable, and compliant with relevant standards and regulations. These services aim to optimize the integration and utilization of their energy products, including microturbines, in a variety of settings. 

Why Us

Since Vergent’s founding ten years ago, our team has helped hundreds of customers install some of the cleanest and greenest energy generation systems. The proof is in the projects, so judge us by our successful track record.  

Technical Expertise

Vergent engineers work on projects from inception to completion, collaborating with customers across a range of industries to uncover their technical and business challenges.

Integration Proficiency

Vergent's solutions are often integrated with existing infrastructure, such as electrical grids, heating systems, or industrial processes. Our engineers work to ensure these integrations are seamless and efficient.

Regulatory Knowledge

Understanding relevant regulatory standards is crucial to successful implementation. Vergent's engineers ensure their designs comply with safety, environmental, and industry regulations.


Vergent's engineers work with clients to design customized energy systems that meet their specific requirements. This includes sizing and selecting the right microturbine models, designing system layouts, and integrating auxiliary equipment.
We take into account the unique characteristics and constraints of every project site. This includes understanding local fuel availability and quality, considering environmental and noise regulations, and designing systems that can operate effectively in the local climate.
Vergent's solutions are often integrated with existing infrastructure, such as electrical grids, heating systems, or industrial processes. Our engineers collaborate with contractors and suppliers to ensure these integrations are seamless and efficient.
A key goal for our engineering services is to maximize energy efficiency for your site. This can involve designing combined heat and power (CHP) or combined cooling, heat, and power (CCHP) systems, which utilize waste heat from the microturbine to provide heating or cooling.
All systems are designed to ensure that they comply with all local safety, environmental, and industry standards and regulations.
Our team provides training for customers and operators to understand the functioning and maintenance of the installed system. We offer ongoing support to ensure the system continues to operate effectively over its lifespan.