Argos Community High School

A hybrid CHP plus solar PV allows this Indiana school to cut energy costs and emissions.

Microturbine combined with solar for peak shaving

In 2020, Argos Community Schools installed a 225-kilowatt rooftop solar array with more than 630 panels, as well as four power inverters and a 65-kW natural gas microturbine. The project was born out of a need to be more efficient and better stewards of the local taxpayers’ money.

In addition to the financial savings, the project will also create teachable moments for K-12 students, which will eventually include green energy vocational courses at Argos Jr/Sr High School.

  • Client:
  • Argos High School
  • Industry:
  • Education
  • Location:
  • Argos, Indiana
  • System Size:
  • C65(65kW)+225kW Solar
  • Operating Mode:
  • Grid Connect
  • Controls:
  • BAS
  • Commissioning Date:
  • 2021


65 kW

Solar Output

225 kW

Yearly Output

500+ MWh

Energy Savings

$50,000 per year

Hot Water

430,000 BTU/hr