500 Murray Ross Parkway

Loyal Vergent REIT customer installed its fourth CHP system with backup capability.

Apartment Combines Energy-Saving CHP with Resiliency

The Capstone microturbine is an ideal fit for multi-unit residential applications in cold weather climates. This is already Vergent’s fourth Capstone CHP system to be installed in an apartment or condominium building in the Toronto area because building owners are looking for energy savings and resiliency. The Capstone product is compact and quiet, which allows for simple installation into existing urban buildings, plus the auto-transfer capability allows building owners to immediately power and heat their buildings if the grid fails.

  • Client:
  • Industry:
  • Residential
  • Location:
  • Toronto, Ontario
  • System Size:
  • Four C65 (260kW)
  • Operating Mode:
  • Dual Mode
  • Controls:
  • Dual Mode MTIM
  • Commissioning Date:
  • 2020


260 kW

Modular Bays


Yearly Output

2,000+ MWh

Energy Savings

$160,000 per year

Hot Water

1,720,000 BTU/hr