170 Lees Avenue

An 195kW CHP system provides baseload operation, backup capability and energy savings to this Ottawa apartment building.

Energy Savings + Emergency Power

This CHeP system is installed at a multi unit residential building near the University of Ottawa. The project provides 195kW of power while providing heat to the domestic hot water and parking garage. During a utility power outage the system automatically transfers to stand alone operation providing power to the emergency load as the buildings backup generator. This projects design and installation meets C282.15.   

  • Client:
  • HAMA Investments
  • Industry:
  • Residential
  • Location:
  • Ottawa, Ontario
  • System Size:
  • Three C65 (195kW)
  • Operating Mode:
  • Dual Mode
  • Controls:
  • Dual Mode MTIM
  • Commissioning Date:
  • 2020


195 kW

Modular Bays


Yearly Output

1,500+ MWh

Energy Savings

$150,000 per year

Hot Water

1,290,000 BTU/hr