Northampton VA Medical Center

Large hospital campus runs 200kW CHP system recovering steam for use in boiler plant.

Vergent Helps VA Hospital Generate Efficient Energy

Hospitals are excellent hosts for CHP systems.  The VA Medical Center in Leeds, Massachusetts, wanted to supplement its new boiler plant with a microturbine CHP system.  Vergent has been servicing the plant since 2016.

  • Client:
  • Northampton VA
  • Industry:
  • Healthcare
  • Location:
  • Northampton, Massachusetts
  • System Size:
  • C200S (200kW)
  • Operating Mode:
  • Grid Connect
  • Controls:
  • BAS
  • Commissioning Date:
  • 2011


200 kW

Moving Parts


Yearly Output

1,500+ MWh

Energy Savings

$100,000 per year


500+ lbs/hr