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Founders Report October 2023

How to Achieve Energy and Climate Goals – for SMEs and Communities

Vergent is fortunate to be in the position of speaking with businesses and communities every day on what they can do to accelerate their sustainability initiatives. Across the economy, organizations…
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Our serious energy and climate problems require serious solutions

Unfortunately, many of the current approaches are dangerously misguided.  Here is a simple critique of two of the more dangerous GHG reduction strategies: 1: Electrification of everything. Many electric utilities…
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Eco friendly clean hydrogen energy concept. 3d rendering of hydrogen icon on fresh spring meadow with blue sky in background.

Time for some Hydrogen Real Talk

If you’re involved in energy in any way, you’ve undoubtedly heard a lot about hydrogen recently.  Hydrogen proponents will tell you that it can power our cars, businesses and homes…
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Vergent Power Solutions has a new look and name…and a heightened focus

We are now Vergent, a provider of rational, customer-centric clean energy and decarbonization solutions. When we started in 2014, we were the exclusive distributor for Capstone Turbine Corporation – the…
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Outdoor Field

Vergent to Provide Highly Efficient 1.2 MW Power Generation Solution to Illinois Natural Gas Storage Facility

Ultra-Low Emissions and Low Maintenance Were Key Factors in Microturbine Selection VAN NUYS, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Capstone Green Energy Corporation (NASDAQ: CGRN), a global leader in carbon reduction and on-site resilient green energy…
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Toronto City Storm

Vergent Microturbine Installations Powered through Weekend Thunderstorms that Caused Significant Damage to Ontario Power Grid

Powerful weekend thunderstorms left a trail of destruction, including loss of human lives, and more than 900,000 people without power in Canada’s two most populated provinces, Ontario and Quebec, according…
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