Vergent Power Solutions has a new look and name…and a heightened focus

Vergent Power Solutions has a new look and name…and a heightened focus

We are now Vergent, a provider of rational, customer-centric clean energy and decarbonization solutions.

When we started in 2014, we were the exclusive distributor for Capstone Turbine Corporation – the world’s leading manufacturer of microturbine energy systems – in the Upper Midwest, New England, and Eastern Canada.  Our aim was to do great projects utilizing Capstone’s innovative technology while providing exemplary service to a growing fleet of microturbines in our territory.

We grew from around fifty microturbines to over two hundred by completing some very exciting projects.  We established sales and service centers in Minneapolis, Boston, and Toronto.  Our team grew by adding talented engineers, technicians, and sales professionals.  Wanting to take a more proactive stance than a typical equipment distributor, we became a project developer, turnkey solution provider, and financier.

We were proud of our successful track record.  But we knew there was more we could be doing.

By listening to our customers over the past decade (and to countless more that we tried to make our customers), we realized that many organizations seek clean energy and decarbonization solutions but are underserved by the market.  These companies, communities and institutions want to decarbonize their operations, but they cannot sacrifice energy security.  They know that electrification is not the smart move financially or operationally.

We knew that we had to provide a dissenting voice in the market.  We had to give customers an alternative to options that were too costly, too risky, and downright not feasible for their unique sets of needs.  Hence, Vergent is a rational and customer-centric clean energy and decarbonization solutions provider.

Vergent now has more tools to provide clean energy and decarbonization solutions that are financially lucrative, resilient, and future proof.  We will continue to offer Capstone’s game-changing microturbine products, but we will complement them with other low-carbon and microgrid-forward technologies.  We are leaning in to industries that need solutions now such as greenhouses, food and beverage, and industrials.  We will capitalize on the once-in-a lifetime opportunity for Combined Heat and Power made possible by the 30-50% tax credit.  Most importantly, we now offer customized Renewable Natural Gas supply that can immediately decarbonize almost any organization according to its goals.


Welcome to our new website.  We look forward to working with you.