How to Achieve Energy and Climate Goals – for SMEs and Communities

How to Achieve Energy and Climate Goals – for SMEs and Communities

Vergent is fortunate to be in the position of speaking with businesses and communities every day on what they can do to accelerate their sustainability initiatives.

Across the economy, organizations feel compelled to contribute something towards the global efforts to tackle climate changes.

Some groups want to act to comply with regulations.  Some are motivated by calls from their customer base or their shareholders or their citizens.

Usually, motivations come from a variety of sources and are based on a complex set of priorities. The conversations we have with these organizations are taking place in the context of the loud, sometimes shrill, debate on climate change happening across society.

For our customers – who may be a greenhouse, a small town, a wastewater plant, a manufacturer, or other “non energy expert” – the decision-making process can be daunting. They don’t have large internal teams focused on energy and climate issues. Options are assessed and selected by their CFO, or their operations team, or CEO – folks that are very busy tackling other vital matters.

These organizations have good intentions but also are guided by budgetary constraints and personnel bandwidth limitations.  How can they effectively consider numerous technology options that are outside their knowledge base?  How can they fund projects when debt is expensive and capital is scarce?  How can they be assured that what they choose will benefit them in the long term?

The short answer is that they cannot do this alone. Vergent is a small company, but our deep experience and broad expertise in clean energy and decarbonization, held by our most valuable asset (our people), is our superpower in this fight. Vergent understands the pressures of smaller organizations because we are one.  We know what it’s like to operate within a tight margin of error.  We know that every plan, every investment, every decision must provide real benefits.

Let’s combine forces and work together. We begin by getting to know your organization. Each one is different and has its own unique set of challenges, goals and resources.  We’ll help you put together an energy and decarbonization plan that suits you. Then we work the plan to completion until it delivers the outcomes you expect.

The end result: Real, achieved, carbon reduction that works for you.