Vergent Celebrates 10 Years in Business

Vergent Celebrates 10 Years in Business

This month marks ten years since we started Vergent Power Solutions.

During that time, we have grown our operating fleet of energy systems more than 800%.

We have installed CHP plants, renewable energy solutions, and microgrids throughout North America.  They are providing economic savings, emissions reductions, and resiliency to our customers.

The energy industry and financial markets have had ups and downs.  A global pandemic affected every individual, family, and organization on the planet.  There hasn’t been much stability in the past decade.

Our customers’ goals and needs have changed since 2014.  Organizations across the spectrum are much more concerned about their energy usage, and about the power grid’s ability to deliver reliable, clean energy.

In our second decade, Vergent is poised to operate very differently than it does today.  We have big plans underway that will accelerate our efforts to transition to a clean energy future.

For now, we say thank you to our customers, our partners, and our supporters as we celebrate this milestone.